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Natural Stone

Beauty in all shapes and sizes

Creating a Natural Space

Walk our display gardens and paths with
Flagstone and Steppers
Create your own amazing walkway, path or sitting area with a wide range of varieties.
Amazing & Unique Cuts
Boulders are broken out into dimensional and outcropping…
dimensional is more cube shaped / flat topped where they can be stacked up for a retaining wall
or set individually for great sitting rocks, and outcropping are more irregular shaped.
Impressive Outcropping
Our selection is unmatched. Perfect for accenting areas with a unique look.
Beautiful Cuts
Ideal for water features, walls and accents. Experience our unmatched selection, many varieties exclusive to Bebergs Landscape Supply.
Various Types of Natural Stone

Products That Enhance Any Landscape Setting

Wall Stone

This product makes a great looking wall or border element. Retaining walls and freestanding accent walls can be built using the dry-stack technique. The stone wall is constructed without the use of mortar to bind it together. These walls gain strength from the weight of interlocking stones stacked with a slight batter, or upward and backward slope.

Boulder Outcroppings

Outcropping boulders are pallet-size or larger and often require machinery to maneuver. They are available in a range of colors and are used to create natural looking retaining walls, water features and other landscaping accents.

Slab Outcroppings

A popular landscape feature with many homeowners is the application of large heavy natural stone slabs to create an outcropping effect. This type of feature can be used on a hill or bank with a gentle or rolling slope, where the large stone slabs are fitted, and tucked into the earth to appear as if the outcrop was a ‘natural’ occurrence.

Outcrop slabs can be used in a variety of ways, both aesthetically and/or structurally. It is a creative way to incorporate a landscape or a garden feature into a sloped area of your yard, and complement it by installing landscape plants, garden flowers, perennials, or ornamental grass. Covering the surrounding soil with ground cover and /or mulch can help to prevent the soil from eroding around the slabs.

Stone Edgers

Stone is the most striking way to edge a path or landscape bed. Stone works great to keep mulch or rock separate from turf or other landscape areas. When stone is laid flat, it can provide a very useful mower strip that makes weekly lawn cutting a breeze.

Stone Veneer

Contemporary landscapes are calling for stone in a very big way. It may be the authenticity of this age old building material, or its natural appeal that has brought it to the top of today's hardscape world. No other choice for masonry has proved so universal, blending into virtually every architectural palette from sleek modern homes to rustic cabins. In short, stone will never go out of style.

Steppers and Flagstone

Explore Our Selection

Visit our displays to see the true beauty of Natural Stone

Boulders and Outcropping

Explore Our Selection

Visit our displays to see the true beauty of Natural Stone

Let Us Create Something Great For You

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