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Product Description

This is a test product with qty (not yards)

Area Coverage Guide

To Calculate How Many Cubic Yards of Material You Need:

1. Measure the Length and the Width of the area you need to cover. Multiply the Length x the Width. This is the square footage of the area (sq ft). For multiple areas, just do this for each section and add them all together.

2. For circles measure the Radius (1/2 the full distance across) and multiply as follows: 3.14 x Radius x Radius. For Triangles, multiply the length of the base x the length of the height x 1/2.

3. Divide your total sq ft by the number of sq ft covered with a cubic yard of material for the depth you desire.

One cubic yard covers:

324 sq ft @ 1" Deep

162 sq ft @ 2" Deep

81 sq ft @ 4" Deep

54 sq ft @ 6" Deep

27 sq ft @ 12" Deep


Professional Delivery Right To Your Front Door

When planning on taking delivery of your bulk material order, reference the following tips to ensure a smooth drop:

1. Provide clear instructions for our drivers in the above ‘Preferred Delivery Placement’.

2. If your having the material dropped in front of a garage, be sure to have your vehicles removed.

3. We will NOT drop your material on any walkway, sidewalk or city street.

4. Be sure there are no overhead obstructions preventing our trucks from accessing your desired drop spot (ex. tree limbs).

5. Specify a day and time and we’ll email you with a confirmed schedule itinerary.

6. Mark where you’d like your delivery placed – use a stake, leave a note or a bright colored flag – that makes it easy to drop in the right spot.

7. If possible, meet our driver at your delivery location.

8. Tell your neighbors where you bought that load of rock, mulch, or dirt.

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